Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

The exciting prospect of a kitchen renovation is upon you, congratulations on taking this step to update your home! A few things to pause to consider before getting too far into the process are below:

     1. Consider your surfaces:

There are so many surface materials to choose from now from timbers and stone to concrete and glass. Your personal style can be easily infused into your new kitchen!

     2. Kitchen Triangle:

The kitchen triangle is a tried-and-tested feature of workable kitchens, but it no longer defines every kitchen. Play with ideas keeping in mind your main activities of your kitchen; food prep, children’s homework space; computer counter etc.

     3. Lifestyle and Appliances:

There are standard sizes for everything, but if you have the budget for it and want to tailor appliance size to your personal style of cooking, go for it! For instance, lots of home-cooked meals for more than a few people may warrant a larger range top than the standard 30”. An ice maker or bar fridge may also suit your personal lifestyle well.



     5. Utilize Creative Storage Options:

There are many storage options available to help keep even the smallest kitchens more organized, leaving your countertops clear of clutter! Be sure to ask your cabinet layout designer which ones will work best for your kitchen.


         6. Remember Flooring:

Be sure to assess your flooring needs and wants up front so you are not taken by surprise later when it has to be added.  Whatever flooring you choose (tile, wood, vinyl etc.) needs to fit in with the overall style of your room. There are many options available that look beautiful and withstand the test of time and use.


      7. Realistic Budgeting:

Generally aim to spend between 4-6% of your property value on a kitchen restoration, plus allow a contingency for any unexpected trade delays or material issues. All trades will need to work within your budget so it is a good idea to speak to a professional kitchen planner in advance.



8. It Will be Messy!

Your daily life and schedule will be effected; you will want to address trash removal, dust containment, furniture covers etc. Make a plan to handle the chaos and you won’t be thrown off guard by it.