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1. Quote

We will give you an initial quote. This is usually based on an estimated square footage and can change after template due to unforeseen onsite conditions. The price is also subject to change based on slab size and availability. We will hold slabs for 10 days. They must be placed on hold with a name and address.

2. Template

We will give you a two hour window for templates. The homeowner or contract MUST be onsite as very important details are discussed at that time. Please have your sink/s onsite so we can take them with us and make the cut.

3. Re-Quote

After the template, we will adjust your estimate. It is sometimes necessary to add or subtract square footage, sinks, etc. We will then send the adjusted estimate and the contract to you for approval. The contract MUST be signed for installation to proceed.

4. Pre-Walk

We like to come out and assess the space the day before we install if possible. It helps the installation go smoother. You will be contacted by our field manager separately for this appointment.

5. Install

We will give you a four hour window of time. It’s really important for you or your contractor to be onsite at this time. Last minute changes, questions, etc., do happen. When you are onsite, it helps facilitate the process. Please make sure your faucets to drill the holes for and your countertops/top drawers are clear.

6. Post Walk

We will come back out after installation to talk to you about your installation. Make sure everything has been done to Precisions and your standards. It’s the time to address any concerns, questions, etc. you may have. You will be asked to sign off on the job at that point. You will be contacted by our field manager separately for this appointment.

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